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We are open again ....phew!.
More pictures soon
Day 67:

At the last minute Lines & Jones sends the new counter. Carefully does it.
Day 59:



OK, we aren't finished but there was an oportunity to fire the range up and cook a few fish. Raphael and Mark came up from Florigo to make sure all went well.
Day 58:
Gone has the dramatic Splash of the old way.

Unimpressed, I could've done better!.

Cameo appearance from Craig Allen



It has been a while since the last update and the camera has been down for most of the time too.
The last few days has been tough juggling the trades and fitments. Just what goes in the right order.
Day 55:
starting on the drain work.


You'll not know all this is here after the tarmac is laid.

Scaffolding here

Scaffold gone
It is amazing the amount of daylight that was regained when the scaffold was taken down. It took two days to put up and a few hours to take down

Day 39:

Day 39:

Day 39:

Day 39:

Day 39:

Carefully does it.
Day 39:

Day 39:

. "Isn't she a beauty?"

Average watch time is 6 minutes 52 seconds, thank you all.
For all those thinkin of watchin try watching at double speed ;0)

"Over Compensating or what lads?"


Preparing the floor


More improvements to the rear roof

The lead gets a helping hand

Craftsmanship by Lead-Works

This building...

has more ...

holes than ..

a collinder!

Day 35

I'd rather be watching Man U
Except they were losing...

Day 35:

The side extension now has a roof.

Days 34:
Roof structure ....

and balcony coming on nicely.

Roof coming well on the side.


Now that's what I call a Celestial Arch

an Arch with a view. What a view.

Side 1

Prepped and


Keith to the Rescue - A stricken Genie lift outside Ashleigh Court

Taking the extraction pipe down...

Another Sunday, A day off. This time a catering exhibition in Harrogate.
Day 28:
Signing the cheque for the new range. Gulp!

The Little Chip, B16 CHP
Having a bit of fun

A bit of a catch up

Side 1

Side 2

Side 1

Side 2

Dining 1

Dining 2

Rear Roof Opening

Starting over

Stripping the Roof

Rear Roof Opening

Day 23: Side Scaffolding
Rear Scaffolding

Breaking ground

Scaffolding from a far.

A bit of fun whilst drilling the hole for the extraction
Day 21:

And then the wall was no more...
Day 18:

Day 17: Doing a job right
sometimes takes all day.

3 beams fitted in to the outside wall.

Day 16: Always wanted aback door
Clear as you go
Or you'll never go

High Tide

Carefully does it.

Day 15: And the extension begins ...
First one gone

Synchro nail removal.

Put your back in to it...

New openings.

What light from yonder window breaks

Day 13: Dusty job, ceiling removal.

How much more to go?

Day 11: And then they were ...

Having too much fun to be working hard.

Choose your title
Singing in the Rain

Day 10:
Flippin' heck.

That's the new range layout, well on paper.

Day 9:
Wall Removal

All together 1..2..3...

Day 8:
A moment of quiet contemplation

The weekend and Snow slowed down play.
6 & 7:

Day 5:

How deep?

Day 4:
Sheathing the electric cables

Forming pad stones

Supporting the gable wall above

Working all over the building
Day 3:
Altering the garage

Breaking through the wall

Stripping the walls

Removing the fireplace

Day 2:
Range Removal and a few tiles

Don't forget to order...
Day 1: DAY 2: Range Removal and a few tiles

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